Audio Visuals

At the heart of your ability to hold video conferences, stream your content, and broadcast your message is audio visual technology. From video walls to sound and image production, your AV (audio visual) system makes you and your organization visible and heard.


Home theatre systems will easily transform your living room into a movie theatre. The surround sound you get out of a home theatre will awe you. The boosted bass will ensure that you enjoy music, movies and games.


For corporate presentations, school events, shows to have the desired impact, every visual, sound, and light effect must tell an engaging story – one that is clear, crisp, integrated, brilliant, and flows seamlessly. Be it a large industry-wide conference or an intimate gathering of employees, dealers, and partners, there are comprehensive digital auditorium solutions that render impactful experiences.


State of the art rooms for business conferences and meetings. These rooms include projection screens, smart boards, Wi-Fi, Audio equipment, video conferencing system.


A powerful, user friendly and portable solution for displaying information onto a large screen to a large number of audience.


With content sharing and interactive touch at your fingertips, Interactive screens help to better facilitate presentations, decision-making and brainstorming. Interactive screens are light weight, stylish as well as made with cutting-edge technology. Built with the need for versatility in mind, interactive screens offer an assortment of features that are useful in multiple business domains and smart classrooms.


LED screens have now become standard technology for display purposes in a large number of video applications such as corporate events, broadcasts, special events, trade shows and conventions. LED display screens provide high resolution, high saturation levels and rich colours that greatly enhance the quality of high frequency dynamic images.

Acoustics for Sound Proofing

Acoustic quieting and noise control can be used to limit unwanted noise. Soundproofing can suppress unwanted indirect sound waves such as reflections that cause echoes and resonances that cause reverberation.

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