Security and Surveillance

Systems that enable security staff to monitor all areas of the premises, allowing them to spot potential security concerns. These systems create a secure and safe facility.


Security Camera Systems offer home and business owners the peace of mind of having their property secure. These include analog CCTV cameras, speed dome cameras, WiFi camera, mobile surveillance, network video recorders, digital video recorder, and IP cameras.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID technology increases security and customer friendliness. These include RFID tags, long distance UHF Card reader & writer, handheld RFID reader, RFID door locks, RFID access control systems etc.


Access controls systems are designed to keep any premises such as businesses and residential ones secure, by prohibiting unauthorized access to the facilities. These include door access control, barrier gates access control reader, standalone access controller, access control readers.


Biometric security uses unique physical characteristics to gain access to a protected system. Instead of a password that could be stolen or exposed, biometric security uses facial recognition, eye scans, fingerprint scan, or other methods to authenticate a person’s identity and control access to sensitive information.


The system is purposed to restrict the Movement of vehicles, which helps to maintain the free movement of authorized vehicles and to block the entry of unidentified / suspected vehicle at parking area.


Home and commercial security can be greatly achieved with the help of drones. A drone can capture live video footage of a home intrusion and transmit it to a smartphone, as well as notify the security forces if required. Drones can also assist in detecting other threats to property such as fire and water leaks. Live video feeds from drones can be sent to a home or business owner's mobile device, to a central monitoring facility, or directly to emergency responders. Drones can also be helpful for army personnel in detecting terrorists across borders.


Having an electric fence done for your home or business will act as an immediate visual and shock deterrent. Electric Fence is the First Line Of deference to protecting your home and family or your business. Anelectric fence’s high voltage shock from the live wire combined with a physical electric fence barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate your home or business.


One of the most recommended security hardware are the door frames which are ideal for scanning where footfall is in big numbers.

PANIC Button and ALARM

A panic button and alarm will alert the authorities, whether that is the police department, medical professional or fire department. Panic buttons and alarms are also helpful for senior citizens who are at an increased risk of fires and falls. Whether in the form of a necklace or a watch, they can simply press the button and help will be sent on its way in the event of an emergency. This could potentially save his or her life.


Locks that supplement or replace your front door deadbolt do much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. Most smart locks let you receive alerts and track who's entering and leaving your abode; email limited-access digital "keys" to visitors, children, trusted service workers or guests when you're not home; and remotely lock and unlock when you're away from home. This can greatly help in the safety of your organization and home.


Ideal for high security areas such as airports, bank depots, cash centre, embassies, military establishments, customs, border crossings etc. spike barriers are robust, safe and can be installed in any road surface.


A network firewall protects a computer network from unauthorised access. It might take the form of a hardware device, a software program, or a combination of the two.Network firewalls guard an internal computer network against malicious access from the outside, such as malware-infested websites or vulnerable open network ports. You can find network firewalls in homes, schools, businesses, and intranets. A network firewall also can be configured to limit the access of internal users to outside connections, as in the case of parental controls or workplace locks. Both of these features commonly prevent access to gambling and adult websites, among many other content types.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

DVRs are used in CCTV, or analog, surveillance systems. Older systems would record video directly to tapes using a VCR; modern systems use DVRs to convert video files into digital formats, allowing you to store more videos.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

If you have IP cameras, you’ll want a NVR. These recording devices use the local network to send and receive data, and are ideal for remotely monitoring your surveillance system from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Because IP cameras are the cutting edge of surveillance technology, including a NVR in your system allows you to include new cameras with more advanced features.


The grounds of companies, public authorities or airports must be secured against unauthorized access. On the other hand, employees, suppliers and service providers must be able to enter and leave quickly. Turnstiles and swing gates are easy to integrate in existing architecture or fencing, offering a high level of security due to their size and robust designs. The most varied of gateways can be set up with the differing models and attachments.

Search Light

Search Light is the most popular high performance portable lighting solution for heavy duty outdoor long-range lighting applications as commercial search operations for Armed Forces, Industries, Security Agencies, Professional Organizations, Forest Department, Agricultural Department, Hill Camping and Remote Hilly and Safari areas etc. These provide complete portability, ruggedness and versatility while offering best performance for long-range night search operations. Though primarily built for commercial night-time search operations, this search light can also be used as a heavy-duty emergency light by households both in rural and urban landscape.

Metal Detector

Metal Detectors are used by Security, Police and Military officers to carry out a non-invasive search of a person for metallic items. When a metallic item is detected an indication is normally given by a sounder, most detectors will also operate in a silent vibrating mode. Various types of Metal Detectors are available to meet different types of threats with varying levels detection sensitivities. biometriclMetal Detectors are also used to locate metallic items in the ground, within food and hospital waste.

Under Vehicle Scanner

An Under Vehicle Scanner is an inspection system which is used to detect threats such as bombs that are hidden under the vehicles. Cameras capture images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection by security personnel or systems. The system use black and white images from area scan cameras.

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