Solutions for Interactive learning programs in schools, colleges and other educational Institutes which are helpful in motivating and improving educational environment


Digital podiums are complete smart solutions for any classroom, training room, board room or meeting venue. With conveniently integrated lecture delivery tools, it benefits teachers and students with a platform for better message delivery. Digital classrooms today come attached with touch screen computers, document cameras, Blu-ray players, mic – amplifier – speaker systems, interactive whiteboards and many other complimenting devices as per the needs of the venue.


Interactive board is a smart board for modern classrooms. Run with technology, interactive board is an advanced teaching device that allows a teacher to interact with students through effective audios and visuals.


A powerful, user friendly and portable solution for displaying information onto a large screen to a large number of audience.


Make your classrooms innovative using the best technology tools and learning facilities. In today’s dynamic education system, it’s a challenge to grab and retain the attention of students. Visualizers (document camera) simplify the learning process by reducing the distance of words through interesting images, descriptions and videos and help teachers get the due attention of students. Display the book content and 3D objects on projection screen with the help of visualizer and overcome all teaching challenges creatively.


With large number of teachers and students, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of the actual number of days the teachers and students attended the school or at what time did they enter the school. To ease the process, the biometric time and attendance system makes your time and attendance system a cakewalk.


With limitations in lecture hall space and availability of all students at a given time, colleges have started adopting the Virtual Classroom. Virtual Classrooms ensure that these lectures are available to a larger audience – both live and on-demand.


Good Communication skills are indispensable for the success of any profession Language laboratory plays a central role in the language learning process. It includes innovation tools like digitals multimedia control, wireless headsets and microphones to assist the students with the most appropriate pronunciation. The laboratory collection is designed to assist learners in the acquisition and maintenance of aural comprehension, oral and written proficiency and cultural awareness. The language lab offers board casting, television programme, web-assisted material, net connectivity, audio visual aids, tapes & CD’s – for both classics and modern orientation. The multiplication Hi-tech Language Laboratory allows the students to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance, compare with the model and do self – assessment.

Smart / Digital Classroom

Smart, digital classroom solution is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein the teacher is empowered to teach interactively and student is inspired to learn with a quest for excellence. Smart Classroom solution is based on interactive, rich multimedia content-enabled education system.

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